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    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    Tracking the shift to 24/7 supply chains

    Zim takes action to speed the flow of goods at West Basin Container Terminal, and ports see an improvement in aging imports after a holiday dip.

    Updated Jan. 13, 2022
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    Brian Tucker / Supply Chain Dive

    Coronavirus: A lesson in supply chain risk management

    Companies are finding workarounds as COVID-19 cases and heightened e-commerce demand continue to disrupt supply chains.

    Updated Dec. 22, 2021
  • Tracking the speed, dwell and cars of Class I railroads

    This dashboard shows the average speed, dwell time and cars online for all of the Class I railroads operating in the United States.

    Updated Jan. 14, 2022
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    (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) via Getty Images

    Constellation: Brown glass shortage lowering imported beer inventory levels

    Supply chain and transport challenges are contributing to low inventory levels and higher cost of product sold, according to the third largest U.S. beer producer.

    Updated Jan. 15, 2022
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    littleny via Getty Images

    Butter prices skyrocket 40% on labor, supply woes: USDA

    Decreased cow herds, a driver and worker shortage, and higher packaging costs have led to a huge price hike for the dairy product.

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    Courtesy of Kroger

    Kroger levels up grocery delivery with Nuro's new autonomous vehicles

    The grocer will make deliveries in Houston using the tech company's third-generation model, which has twice as much cargo room, plus modular storage and new safety features.

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    (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images) via Getty Images

    Simply Good Foods increases prices to cover rising ingredients costs

    The seller of Atkins and Quest Nutrition products has faced inflation "from the high single digits to the low double digits for our total business," its CFO said.

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    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    Zim offers incentives for container pickup at Port of Los Angeles

    It's another example of an ocean shipping company paying truckers to pick up laden cargo.

  • Maersk pledges net-zero carbon emissions by 2040

    The carrier acknowledged that vessels will need to change and called on the industry to work on a new ship.

    Updated Jan. 12, 2022
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    Permission granted by Maersk

    Midsize businesses are 'thinking big' for supply chain workarounds: survey

    Many of these firms are executing plays similar to larger businesses: bolstering inventory, diversifying suppliers and finding substitute materials and processes.

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    Bartek Szewczyk via Getty Images

    Quits in transportation, warehousing sectors contribute to a November record: BLS

    Though the quit rate is high, workers are not necessarily getting out of the job market.

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    (Chip Somodevilla/Getty) via Getty Images

    East Coast snowstorms jeopardized suppliers, $5B in revenue: Resilinc

    The storm put an estimated 25,000 types of product at risk. It could take 23 weeks for facilities to recover.

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    Daphne Howland/Supply Chain Dive

    Bed Bath & Beyond's legacy supply chain infrastructure hampered inventory flow

    The retailer is grappling with the same transportation and supply challenges other retailers are facing — all while transforming its own supply chain.

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    Christopher Doering/Supply Chain Dive

    'Omicron absenteeism' strains Conagra's supply chain

    Labor constraints are limiting output and raising costs for the packaged foods company.

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    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images via Getty Images

    UPS to handle record 60M returns during peak shipping season

    As returns activity increases, reverse logistics have become a vital part of the retail playbook to build customer loyalty. But costs are climbing.

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    Anthony Kwan/Getty Images via Getty Images

    Cathay Pacific cuts air cargo capacity after Hong Kong tightens COVID-19 restrictions

    The omicron variant is casting a long shadow over air transport.

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    (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) via Getty Images

    After backlash, Intel removes Xinjiang advisory from annual supplier letter

    The company had advised suppliers to avoid sourcing products or labor from the region in China due to forced labor concerns but backtracked last month.

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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Dole seeks acquisitions, sourcing shifts to grow produce supply

    The company is focusing on growing its presence in high-selling categories like berries and avocados as it navigates supply disruptions to other products. 

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    Edwin Lopez/Supply Chain Dive

    Port of Oakland plans pop-up container yard as import surge slows exporters

    Pop-up facilities have become a common solution for ports around the country grappling with a deluge of imports.

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    Permission granted by Flytrex

    Flytrex drones can fly over people, vehicles with new FAA approval

    The approval will allow Flytrex's delivery drones to travel up to one nautical mile and carry small goods to up to 10,000 households in North Carolina.

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    Retrieved from Walmart on January 05, 2022

    Walmart to expand in-home delivery to 30M households

    The retailer will build a fleet of fully electric vans to rapidly scale the premium service from the 6 million households it currently serves.

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    (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images) via Getty Images

    Ikea doubles automation projects as store fulfillment grows

    More than half of the store's volumes were fulfilled from stores in FY21, according to an Ikea franchisee.

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    Drew Angerer via Getty Images
    White House delves into supply chain problems

    By the numbers: Biden reviews supply chain progress with task force

    The Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force touted progress in relieving port congestion, stocking store shelves and boosting the workforce.

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    Adeline Kon/Supply Chain Dive

    5 years of supply chain disruptions and the lessons learned

    Hindsight has the virtue of revealing opportunities we may have missed.

    Updated Dec. 31, 2021
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    Courtesy of Uber/Motional

    Uber Eats to offer autonomous food delivery early this year

    Uber's partnership with Motional — which will launch in Santa Monica, California — aims to increase delivery reach while lowering labor costs.