• A general view of workers in the yard working on shipping containers and the cranes which move them at the Port of Rotterdam on October 27, 2017.
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    Dean Mouhtaropoulos via Getty Images

    FMC proposal defines ‘unreasonable’ export rejections by ocean carriers

    The new rule details criteria for violations under the Ocean Shipping Reform Act and establishes a framework for proving improper refusals.

    By Sept. 21, 2022
  • White House Port and Supply Chain Envoy Gen. Stephen Lyons speaks with Association of Supply Chain Management CEO Abe Eshkenazisit sit on black arm chairs in the middle of a conversation
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    Permission granted by G. Thomas Ward/Association of Supply Chain Management

    White House supply chain strategy shifts beyond 24/7 port operations

    Port and Supply Chain Envoy Gen. Stephen Lyons said the initiative failed to gain traction due to the financial costs involved.

    By Sept. 20, 2022
  • plug-in cars
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    Retrieved from Department of Energy on October 08, 2021

    Inflation Reduction Act could shift EV battery composition: report

    Global markets for critical materials are likely to remain tight. “We expect virtually every commodity to be undersupplied beyond 2025,” new research from BofA Global states.

    By Robert Walton • Sept. 8, 2022
  • A Maersk shipping container sits on a rail car at the Port of Los Angeles on February 9, 2022 in San Pedro, California.
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    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    Maersk abandons $1B sale of container business after DOJ investigation

    Regulators were concerned that a sale to China International Marine Containers would have led to higher prices and less supply chain resiliency.

    By Aug. 30, 2022
  • President Joe Biden sits at a desk and signs legislation as Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and House Majority Whip James Clyburn stand nearby
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    Drew Angerer via Getty Images

    Inflation Reduction Act encourages EV battery sourcing, production in North America

    The law creates incentives that could require major shifts in critical mineral supply chains for U.S. automakers.

    By Aug. 17, 2022
  • A train moves through a desert landscape
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    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    Plan for inland port in the middle of California’s Mojave Desert gains traction

    Local officials signed off on a proposal that developers say could help relieve congestion at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

    By Aug. 16, 2022
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    Yujin Kim / Supply Chain Dive

    FMC considers mandate for shipping lines, terminals to share data

    The agency is asking supply chain stakeholders for input on whether such an action would ease congestion.

    By Aug. 15, 2022
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    (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty) via Getty Images

    White House supply chain data exchange doubles in size

    Shippers, carriers and logistics providers have begun exchanging data as part of the Freight Logistics Optimization Works initiative.

    By Aug. 12, 2022
  • Aerial view of a container ship passing beneath a suspension bridge while a semi-truck with a cargo container crosses above.
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    Photo Illustration: Getty Images; Industry Dive

    Deep Dive

    ‘We have to do something’: Can retail close the gap on supply chain emissions?

    The industry is woefully behind on scope 3 targets for greenhouse gases. Data poses steep challenges, but experts say retailers still can — and must — do more.

    By Ben Unglesbee • Aug. 11, 2022
  • A crowd breaks into applause as President Joe Biden holds up a signed piece of legislation
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    Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

    Biden signs bill to bolster US semiconductor production

    Semiconductor companies are already making plans to expand manufacturing.

    By Aug. 10, 2022
  • A view of the U.S. Capitol from the front lawn
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    Megan Quinn/Supply Chain Dive

    US supply chains need visibility and resiliency. Congress still hasn’t acted.

    The baby formula shortage should have been reason enough to advance policy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, writes Tom Madrecki of the Consumer Brands Association.

    By Tom Madrecki • Aug. 9, 2022
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    Stefani Reynolds / Stringer via Getty Images

    Lawmakers seek to ban railroads from raising rates during service emergencies

    A bill introduced to address rail service declines would also require carriers to include delivery service standards in contracts.

    By Aug. 8, 2022
  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) holds the Ocean Shipping Reform Act while posing for photographs during the enrollment ceremony in her ceremonial office at the U.S. Capitol on June 14, 2022.
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    Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

    FMC proposes carrier data collection plan in compliance with OSRA

    The initiative would require carriers to provide import and export data, including tonnage and TEUs, on a monthly basis.

    By Aug. 5, 2022
  • The dome of U.S. Capitol is seen framed by trees.
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    Dan Zukowski/Supply Chain Dive

    House sends Biden $52B boost for US semiconductor production

    Businesses say the legislation will help address chip production constraints and strengthen supply chains against future disruption.

    By July 28, 2022
  • Railroad crossing sign at night
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    Luke Sharrett via Getty Images

    Regulators propose two-person train crew minimum

    Railroads warn the proposal could exacerbate labor challenges that have stymied their ability to restore service. 

    By July 27, 2022
  • A group of truckers at the Port of Oakland wait for a response from port directors.
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    Alejandra Salgado/Supply Chain Dive

    Port of Oakland resumes operations as AB5 protests quiet down

    The remaining protesters, under threat of a citation, have moved to "free speech zones" away from terminal gates.

    By July 26, 2022
  • Factory worker putting wooden materials on machinery
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    Permission granted by UNICOR
    Sponsored by UNICOR

    UNICOR eases the way for companies that contract with the government

    UNICOR program helps manufacturers meet requirements in their federal agreements.

    July 25, 2022
  • Desmond DeMoss (left) talks with Navdeep Ngill (right) about an open letter the Port of Oakland sent to protesters on July 21, 2022.
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    Edwin Lopez/Supply Chain Dive

    Oakland port officials push for opening terminal access as trucking protests continue

    Protesters were directed to expect compliance with AB5 and stop blocking terminal access, or face citations.

    By , July 22, 2022
  • Officials close truck access to the Trapac terminal at the Port of Oakland, in response to an owner-operator led protest on July 18, 2022.
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    Edwin Lopez/Supply Chain Dive

    Port of Oakland closes night gates due to trucker protests

    Protests over a California labor law have contributed to a rise in import container dwell times, according to project44 data.

    By July 19, 2022
  • A large group of owner-operator truck drivers near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach stage a protest against California's AB5 labor law.
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    Permission granted by Cindy Perez, LA & LB PORT DRIVERS

    'NO TO AB5': Hundreds of California port truckers protest labor law

    The work stoppage has had no impact on port operations, but officials are monitoring the situation, Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka said.

    By July 14, 2022
  • President Biden Discusses The Infrastructure Deal At Port Of Baltimore
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    Drew Angerer / Staff via Getty Images

    Xinjiang import ban creates compliance challenges for supply chains

    Companies will need to show any goods linked to the western Chinese region don’t come from a company using forced labor practices.

    By Robert Freedman • June 30, 2022
  • A rendering in a field of former farmland for the new Intel semiconductor fab in Licking County, Ohio
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    Courtesy of Intel

    Semiconductor makers urge passage of federal funding bill for domestic manufacturing

    Intel and GlobalFoundries say their U.S. expansion plans rely on Congress passing the legislation.

    By Matthew Thibault • June 29, 2022
  • Two men engaged in manufacturing a task
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    Permission granted by UNICOR
    Sponsored by UNICOR

    PIE Program offers companies a win-win-win

    The PIE Program provides a path for companies to manufacture high-quality, low-cost goods.

    June 27, 2022
  • Biden gas tax suspension speech
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    (Drew Angerer/Getty) via Getty Images

    Biden calls for three-month federal gas tax holiday

    Lifting the federal 18-cent tax per gallon of gas and 24-cent tax per gallon of diesel for three months would “give Americans a little extra breathing room,” the White House said.

    By Updated June 22, 2022
  • Los Angeles's downtown skyline enveloped in smog.
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    David McNew via Getty Images

    SEC chair says not all companies will need to disclose emissions

    The agency plans to require climate disclosures only from companies that have publicly committed to curbing scope 3 emissions, said SEC Chair Gary Gensler.

    By Jim Tyson • June 21, 2022