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    (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) via Getty Images

    Motorola pays premium on secondary markets for semiconductors

    By procuring chips from the secondary market and airfreighting them, Motorola received some parts sooner than expected, its CEO said.

    By May 19, 2022
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    jodie777 via Getty Images

    World wheat stocks expected to drop to 6-year low

    Production has been hampered by drought and flooding in the United States, a brutal heat wave in India and the war in Ukraine.

    By Samantha Oller • May 19, 2022
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    Wang He via Getty Images

    The Supply Chain Dive Outlook on 2022

    While supply chain woes aren't expected to disappear in 2022, this year could mark a turning point.

    By Supply Chain Dive staff
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    (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) via Getty Images

    Clorox sheds suppliers as COVID-19 inches toward 'endemic phase'

    With service levels improving, the cleaning products company is now focused on cutting costs.

    By May 19, 2022
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    Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

    Crop diversity, resiliency needed to prevent next global food crisis: report

    An overreliance on staple crops is partly responsible for huge price spikes following the Ukraine invasion, according to IPES-Food.

    By Samantha Oller • May 17, 2022
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    Tiffany Rose via Getty Images

    Rising fats and oil prices have Colgate-Palmolive looking to mitigate costs

    The costs of fats and oils have doubled since 2020, and will continue to rise according to executives.

    By May 12, 2022
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    Kaarin Vembar/Supply Chain Dive

    Diversified sourcing helps Levi's avoid disruption from China lockdowns

    Less than 1% of the apparel maker's products come from China, after a yearslong strategy to diversify its supply.

    By May 12, 2022
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    Nitram242. (2017). "Tootsie Roll Power Plant" [Photograph]. Retrieved from Flickr.

    Tootsie Roll could pause production lines due to delayed supplier deliveries

    Ingredients and packaging suppliers have failed to meet promised delivery dates due to rail and truck constraints, the candy manufacturer said.

    By May 11, 2022
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    Retrieved from The White House.

    With chip supply tight, trade group says White House should prioritize medtech

    Medical device companies are competing with consumer electronic companies, automakers and other businesses for limited stocks, AdvaMed says.

    By Nick Paul Taylor • May 10, 2022
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    Daphne Howland/Supply Chain Dive

    Ballooning spot rates deflate Party City's helium business

    Even after diversifying its sourcing, the retailer expects to pay higher helium prices to meet graduation season demand.

    By Ben Unglesbee • May 9, 2022
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    Jamie McDonald via Getty Images

    Maersk aims for net-zero steel in ships

    The ocean carrier is the first shipping company to join SteelZero, a global initiative to expedite decarbonization in the steel industry.

    By May 5, 2022
  • Tempur Sealy diversifies sourcing to mitigate risk from China lockdowns

    The mattress company also shored up its inventory in order to keep delivery times in line with retailers' expectations.

    By May 5, 2022
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    Retrieved from Daniel Oberhaus/Wikimedia Commons on April 18, 2022

    Supply chain constraints could limit electric vehicle adoption, Elon Musk says

    The soaring price of lithium, a battery feedstock, led the Tesla CEO to urge entrepreneurs to enter the lithium business on an April earnings call.

    By Kavya Balaraman • May 3, 2022
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    Bruce Bennett/Getty Images via Getty Images

    Sherwin-Williams deploys private fleet to ease supplier transportation snarls

    The paint maker is also prioritizing certain products and formulations "to make the most of the raw materials that are available to us," said CEO John Morikis.

    By May 3, 2022
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    Suriya Desatit via Getty Images

    Indonesia's palm oil export ban takes effect as supply pressures mount

    The world's largest supplier of the popular ingredient widened its restrictions at a time when alternative sources and substitutes face their own challenges.

    By Samantha Oller • April 28, 2022
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    MonBusImages via Getty Images

    5 ways to manage suppliers during disruption

    Contract clauses and long-term deals are some ways large organizations can deepen vendor relationships and ensure supply. 

    By Praveen Kumar Soni • April 28, 2022
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    Baltimore County Government. (2018). [Photograph]. Retrieved from Flickr.

    McCormick's diverse supplier network helps shield it from Ukraine impacts

    No single raw material makes up more than 5% of the company's total cost of goods sold, according to CFO Mike Smith.

    By April 28, 2022
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    Dimas Ardian via Getty Images

    Indonesia to end palm oil export ban

    The country will resume exports May 23. Prices should see "downward pressure," one analyst said.

    By Samantha Oller • Updated May 20, 2022
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    Mario Tama via Getty Images
    Deep Dive

    Furniture retailers forge new supply chain practices as backlogs, delays prevail

    Improved inventory management is just one practice — executives are also looking at new sourcing destinations to mitigate risk.

    By Ben Unglesbee • April 25, 2022
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    baranozdemir via Getty Images
    Sponsored by Amazon Business

    How digital procurement with Amazon Business cultivates more sustainable supply chains

    Customers care about the sustainability commitment of the brands they choose to do business with.

    April 25, 2022
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    Juan Monino via Getty Images

    6 sourcing strategies for reshoring and nearshoring

    Companies looking to gain greater control and minimize disruptions are turning to domestic supply chains. Here's what to consider first.

    By April 21, 2022
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    General Mills reformulates products to combat ingredients shortages

    Materials including starch and packaging were "particularly challenging" to find, an executive said.

    By April 21, 2022
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    Courtesy of Meijer

    Meijer to host supplier summit on sustainability

    The Midwestern retail chain said a recent survey found top customer priorities include sustainable sourcing and more sustainable brand options.

    By Catherine Douglas Moran • April 20, 2022
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    David McNew via Getty Images

    'Broad-based price increases' trigger construction inflation alert

    Price surges in diesel and other materials are being felt from the basements of skyscrapers all the way up to their highest floors.

    By Joe Bousquin • April 19, 2022
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    'One thing after another': More disruption looms over semiconductor market

    Adequate coolant, neon and argon supply are the next concerns for chip production, experts said.

    By April 14, 2022
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    Asia-Pacific Images Studio via Getty Images

    With Shanghai at a standstill, supply chain problems are compounding

    Concerns are rising that Shanghai's lockdown is only the beginning of months-long challenges. 

    By April 12, 2022