Tracking the shift to 24/7 supply chains

The public and private sectors are looking for ways to add velocity to cargo flows in the U.S. We're tracking the major announcements that result from those efforts.
Mario Tama via Getty Images

The time has come to overhaul how U.S. supply chains operate, according to port executives.

An import surge throughout the pandemic laid bare the structural issues that have plagued businesses transporting products into and across the U.S. for years. But in few places have the issues been clearer than in Southern California, where the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have at times seen more than 100 ships waiting to dock and unload their containers.

While under the spotlight, ports have engaged with dozens of stakeholders to try to improve operations, resulting in a series of commitments from the private sector and regulatory tweaks. We're tracking those actions in the timeline below.

A list of actions to speed supply chains since September 2021

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