Custom Fulfillment Solution Accommodates Rapid Growth

As a direct-selling company with a rapidly growing business, Zurvita needed a full-service, custom fulfillment solution to deliver an optimal customer experience. The company turned to Saddle Creek Logistics Services to manage fulfillment for its popular health and wellness products.

Technology is an important element of Saddle Creek’s fulfillment solution for Zurvita. Sophisticated order management (OMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS) help to streamline operations and improve service levels. To speed the start-up process, the 3PL used a proven turnkey integration approach.

Because its business is both “auto-ship” and promotional-driven, Zurvita experiences significant spikes in order volume each month. Saddle Creek’s 1.3MM-square-foot campus in Fort Worth, Texas can scale to accommodate the peaks and valleys in space and labor requirements.

While fulfillment will be handled from Fort Worth initially, the company’s nationwide network of facilities gives Zurvita the option to expand into additional locations in the future.