Kansas City Supply Chain Start-Up Finds Success and Continues Hiring Surge

November 15, 2021
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Jordan Brunk

Kansas City, MO November 15,  2021 – Hiring and Supply Chains are two very hot topics in today’s news.  WarehouseQuote is a place where these two topics intersect.  What was once an idea to provide agile, scalable, supply chain networks just a couple of years ago, WarehouseQuote is now a top employer of choice in the Kansas City market.  “What we have built with WarehouseQuote is more than just a product, service or solution, it is a new trajectory for our team members, '' said Ben Hagedorn, CEO of WarehouseQuote.com.  “Our culture and what we are building is hard to find and hard to top.”  This year, WarehouseQuote was voted as the top small business in the Kansas City Best Places to Work.  “The beauty of this recognition is that it isn’t something bought or sponsored, it is truly the feedback of the team that won us this honor,” said Hagedorn.    

The purpose of WarehouseQuote is to drive clarity, growth, and innovation in all that we do, plus remain a remarkable workplace for its team members so they are happy and eager to provide remarkable service to customers.  “Our goal is to truly make an impact in our team members' lives and then to instill that pay it forward mentality where we, in turn, make an impact in someone else’s,” said Hagedorn.    

The growth within the WarehouseQuote team encompasses a variety of verticals, including analysts, software developers, account managers, and sales professionals.  The company has already grown to 50 employees in less than two years with plans to increase their team by another 50% in 2022.    

Those interested in joining the WarehouseQuote team are asked to send their resumes to [email protected] with attention to Jordan Brunk in the subject line.  


About WarehouseQuote: WarehouseQuote is a warehousing and fulfillment provider based in Kansas City, MO. We help businesses build efficient warehouse networks. We are a proud member of the NorthPoint family of companies. To learn more, visit WarehouseQuote.com or call 816.768.8500

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The WarehouseQuote team posing in front of their corporate office in Riverside, MO; Credit: NorthPoint Development Marketing