WeatherOptics joins Open Visibility Network with weather insights that increase supply chain visibility and improve ETAs

November 11, 2021
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Jim Waters

Leading in-transit visibility provider Tive and WeatherOptics, a leader in the weather intelligence space, will provide the Open Visibility Network (OVN) with increased supply chain visibility through powerful insights that combine predictive weather modeling with logistics impact and geospatial data. By integrating data and insights beyond shipment location and condition, WeatherOptics will provide mutual customers with data to increase resiliency and agility for a better end-customer experience.  WeatherOptics works with some of the largest shippers, carriers, and supply chain software companies in North America to help predict and mitigate supply chain disruptions. The weather intelligence company boils weather impact down to a simple risk score or delay time, and has built integrations with top routing and location service providers such as HERE, TomTom, Google, and Trimble.

Demand across multimodal shipping continues to skyrocket and logistics professionals are demanding more data and meaningful insights to actively manage their customers’ growing expectations. The OVN adds deep and broad data from news, weather, supplier issues, port strikes, political unrest, the global pandemic, and more. Risk assessment and predictive analytics allow customers to leverage risk management as a competitive differentiator. The addition of WeatherOptics extends access to new levels of in-transit visibility to ensure that shipments arrive on time and in full (OTIF). 

"The Open Visibility Network is growing with incredible velocity and benefits customers all over the globe, and all the participants have had immediate benefits from the community we are building," said Tive CEO and Founder Krenar Komoni. "As Tive trackers are deployed on thousands of shipments worldwide every day helping carriers and logistics service providers understand the exact location and condition of their loads, we are excited to see WeatherOptics join this powerful community of the world’s best visibility solutions providers to help our mutual customers further improve the resilience and agility of their supply chains.”

“The goal of WeatherOptics is to simplify companies’ understanding of weather impact on key logistics operations. We want to make it as easy as possible for businesses to get powerful insights that allow for improved decision-making before, during, and after disruptive weather events,” said WeatherOptics CEO and co-founder Scott Pecoriello. “As weather becomes more volatile and we continue to expand our network of logistics companies, joining the Open Visibility Network will allow for further collaboration with some of the most innovative supply chain companies in the world.”

This newest addition to the OVN combines WeatherOptics data with those of other industry leaders’ data including Tive, project44, FourKites, TransVoyant, MarineTraffic, Everstream Analytics and Cloudleaf to deliver immediate value to the global supply chain. WeatherOptics impact forecasts are available for a variety of industries, and summarize conditions to focus on the bottom line. WeatherOptics routing forecasts identify weather-based freight disruptions that may lead to significant changes in ETA. Both are delivered days in advance so mutual customers will have deep visibility into all loads to improve their end-customer experience.    

About WeatherOptics

WeatherOptics is a leader in the weather intelligence space, providing companies with insights and forecasts that eliminate guesswork and improve weather visibility of key operations. Using geospatial and ground-truth impact data from more than 40 million connected vehicles, WeatherOptics helps shippers, carriers, and supply chain software companies focus on moving goods around the world safely and efficiently in spite of the weather. To learn more about WeatherOptics, visit   Media contact Jim Waters Vice President, Global Marketing, Tive [email protected]  


The Open Visibility Network connects shippers, logistics service providers, brokers and customers. The goal of the collaborative platform is to enable the end customer to combine all available data, ensuring they have the full picture of a load available in one place, regardless of the platform.