Rapidly Growing Kansas City 3PL Provider Partners with USPS

September 17, 2021
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Jordan Brunk
(816) 768-8500

WarehouseQuote is a new third-party logistics (3PL) provider in the logistics and supply chain sector. The relationships and partnerships they bring to the table are providing customers integrated solutions and strategic partnerships to help them stand out from the competition and drive company growth. Today, WarehouseQuote announces its partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a part of the USPS Emerging 3PL Program.


“We are excited to announce that WarehouseQuote has been selected as a partner for the USPS Emerging 3PL Program, allowing their customers access to world-class final mile delivery nationwide.” -Jim Decker, Business Alliance Specialist, United States Postal Service


WarehouseQuote is leveraging the USPS relationship to provide an optimum solution for mid-market e-commerce businesses that previously operated the old-school way, with individual warehouses and spreadsheets, and those that do not have the internal capacity to manage supply chain operations and establish warehouse relationships. With this partnership, WarehouseQuote customers achieve decreased transit time and a more cost-efficient fulfillment network.


“WarehouseQuote is thrilled to partner with USPS, allowing our customers access to a consolidated shipping solution across hundreds of warehouses within our global network.” -Jordan Brunk, Chief Marketing Officer, WarehouseQuote


WarehouseQuote is one of the first 3PL providers to secure the Emerging 3PL partnership with USPS. 


To learn more about WarehouseQuote, visit WarehouseQuote.com


To learn more about the Postal Service’s Emerging 3PL Program, visit USPS.com

WarehouseQuote is a warehousing and fulfillment provider based in Kansas City, MO. We help businesses build efficient warehouse networks. We are a proud member of the NorthPoint family of companies. To learn more, visit WarehouseQuote.com or call 816.768.8500