SkuVault Launches Peak Season Boot Camp to Help Retailers Accelerate Peak Season Readiness

September 14, 2021

The crash course offers to help e-retailers eliminate oversells in just a few classes.

SkuVault, the leader in eCommerce inventory management software, today announced their Peak Season Boot Camp. Combining small-group online training with technology, the course promises an accelerated path to Peak Season readiness for unprepared sellers. Attendees will work in cohorts with SkuVault experts starting in September. Some well-qualified attendees will be trained and have warehouses and marketplaces connected to avoid oversells after only a few sessions.  

SkuVault developed their Boot Camp based on input from the newest of their 1,000+ clients. They told SkuVault that during a frantic holiday season last year, their inability to maintain accurate inventory across their sales channels hurt buyer loyalty. Of those who tried to manage stock with spreadsheets, most failed to maintain accuracy. The result: oversells that led to refunds, discounts, and lots of disappointed buyers.  

Boot Camp delivers accelerated training to help retailers who haven’t fully prepared their business for Peak Season get up to speed fast. Qualified eCommerce sellers looking to eliminate oversells in their fulfillment process will be able to do so after just a few classes. Attendees have the flexibility to continue training on picking, forecasting, and more. Or, they can exit the track when they get the value they need. SkuVault plans to maintain office hours - live expert help - into the season for those who join.   

“eCommerce retailers are more stressed than ever. They’re compounding that by selling across multiple channels and keeping up with holiday and pandemic volumes,” said Ben Velker, Vice President of Customer Success. “Before SkuVault, fulfilling orders at scale was almost impossible for our clients. They lost a lot of would-be repeat customers. With Boot Camp, we’re telling those who haven’t done what they need to protect their business that it’s not too late to capitalize on Peak Season.”  

Space in SkuVault’s Peak Season Boot Camp is limited. For more information, and to save a spot, visit

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