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DSJ Global Launches Job Confidence Index

May 11, 2021

New York, New York, May 11, 2021. End-to-end supply chain recruitment firm, DSJ Global, are launching their 2021 Job Confidence Index. The index aims to measure the pulse of confidence in the current supply chain and procurement labor market, outlook the rapidly evolving economy, and top themes driving the future of work.

Last year, the global report gathered critical views and data from over 650 specialist sector professionals within end-to-end supply chains from Europe, Asia Pacific, to the United States. Key findings from the survey highlighted a largely pessimistic calibre in regard to economic outlooks. Across the globe, a little over half (53%) of respondents predicted a worsening economy in 2021.

On the flip side of the coin, despite the cloud of uncertainty in economic expectations, sentiment in talent community (48%) reported that they felt satisfied with their current job. Moreover, the majority of respondents (60%) indicated that they would move to progress their careers.

What can be said for this year then - is there a wave of change in the talent market? DSJ Global are currently gathering input from supply chain and procurement professionals, for their 2021 Job Confidence Index Report. Click here to take the quick survey and have your say.

About DSJ Global  

DSJ Global is a leading specialist recruitment agency for procurement and supply chain teams looking to secure top talent. DSJ Global provides permanent, contract, and multi-hire recruitment services across functions including supply chain management, procurement, operational excellence, technical operations, network design and planning, systems engineering, transportation, and logistics.  

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