Prime360® Launches with a New Name in Pallet Supply Management

July 14, 2020

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Prime360® Launches with a New Name in Pallet Supply Management


(Schaumburg, IL - July 14, 2020) Following its 2019 merger of Northwest Pallet Services and Prime Woodcraft, Inc., the blended company has rebranded itself as Prime360®. For its leadership team, it was important to establish a singular brand and name that better represents the unified company it is today.


President and CEO, Jack Donnell said it best. “Less than a year ago, we merged two strong companies with the goal to combine our resources and provide a greater value to our customers. That has worked great, but we just needed that last step to create more clarity on who we are. Prime360 is it. The name captures nearly every facet of our new organization in one word. Prime conveys first and best - emphasizing our commitment to put our customers first and delivering the best services to them. And 360 represents how we can leverage our resources to give customers full visibility into their supply chain processes, identify key issues quickly, and realign their strategies as needed to best optimize their operations and financial performance.”


That’s why it’s been critical for the individuals at Prime360 to keep pace with them. Our customers are manufacturers, grocers, retailers, transportation professionals, and warehouse workers. They are the unknown, “behind-the-scenes” engines that help give life a little balance by trying to ensure everyone from medical teams to consumers have the core essentials they need.


Donnell takes pride in the role Prime360 and its team members serve in the big picture. “When you consider that over 90% of U.S. domestic products are shipped on pallets, with current demand, that’s simply incredible. As a “green-friendly” organization, with that type of volume, there’s significant responsibility to minimize the potential for landfill waste and have established sustainability programs. We assess pallets when they’re picked-up by our partners. They’re then sorted in categories of repair, tear down to reuse in remanufactured pallets, or recycle and repurpose. For the latter, damaged pallets can be recycled by various means - shredded into mulch or even ground finer to be used as animal bedding at farms as well as other alternatives. We sustainably recycle over 55 million pallets a year.”


And then he notes, “As you can see, there are fundamental dependencies in each link of the chain to keep things moving. It’s also one of the reasons why, even over decades, the pallet supply chain industry relies on solid business relationships that offer reassurance someone “has your back” at all times. We ensure that synergy is there. Our teams working onsite or in the field with our customers and partners are committed to helping them when challenges strike to find productive solutions quickly. Knowing we can be there for them really makes each workday great for us.”


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Prime360® is an industry-leading, national pallet supply chain solutions and management company. With over 40 years of supply chain industry experience, it annually manages over 80 million pallets - and sustainably recycles, sorts and repairs over 55 million pallets a year. As the largest total pallet management services provider in the U.S., Prime360 leverages its 1,000+ partner network to support its extensive customer base. It also provides assistance with operations assessments, inventory controls and supply chain audits, safety evaluations and training, pallet optimization programs, and more. Visit us at


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