Esper and Bluebird Announce Android Partnership to Modernize Logistics & Transportation

June 03, 2020

Android IoT Innovators Join Forces to Transform the Supply Chain Sector

Seattle, WA- Two leading Android IoT innovators have created a partnership to accelerate innovation for the logistics and transportation sector. Today, Android DevOps platform Esper announced a collaboration with Bluebird, Inc, a leading global provider of rugged handheld mobile computers for warehouses, last-mile delivery, and more. Companies connected to the global supply chain can now quickly launch and optimize devices and apps with Bluebird and Esper’s full-lifecycle solutions for devices, OS, apps, and updates.

“Customer experience and agility are the new competitive battlefield for the supply chain,” said Shiv Sundar, COO of Esper. “Currently, the industry is facing operational challenges due to unpredictable supply, demand, and capacity.” 

“By adding our custom OS, Esper Enhanced Android, to Bluebird’s data capture devices, logistics, and transport firms can connect devices, OS, and apps to the cloud,” said Sundar. “It’s a powerful approach to IoT fleet management that helps customers adopt streaming analytics and process automation.”

“Our immediate vision is to automate workflows of warehouses, fleet management, last-mile deliveries and retail floor management for logistics, transportation, and retail companies," said Jang Won Lee, CEO of Bluebird, Inc. "To do this, we launched new RFID products earlier this year and have been strengthening our business in related fields."

“Through this collaboration with Esper and Bluebird, customers can remotely deploy and manage Android IoT vehicles across the supply chain from rugged smartphones and tablets to handheld scanners and mobile POS systems," says Lee. 

The future of Android IoT for the supply chain is streamlined and scalable with Bluebird and Esper’s solutions for devices, cloud tools, and custom OS.  Esper Enhanced Android is now offered as a free feature out-of-the-box on Bluebird’s rugged devices. Access to Esper’s DevOps platform and cloud APIs is free for fleets with 100 devices or fewer. Subscriptions for larger fleets are offered at an unbeatable, low price

“Our current and future customers are at the cutting edge of the logistics and transport revolution. The companies that survive and succeed will use Android IoT to compete on insight, customer experience, and cost,” said Sundar. “Esper and Bluebird plan to continually transform the supply chain with the most powerful, sophisticated IoT solutions.” 

About Bluebird, Inc: Bluebird is a total solution provider offering optimized solutions for enterprise IoT. Since 1995, Bluebird has been leading the industry with providing innovative mobile computers and RFID solutions developed by its high-end technology. With an innovative and experimental spirit, Bluebird has applied logical extension to industrial mobile devices and created a working lifestyle that allows enterprise customers to maximize their investment, improve workforce productivity and manage performance in the most efficient way.

Starting this year, Bluebird plans to expand it's IoT RFID product and solution lineups to take steps forward to its market expansion. Bluebird's broad product portfolio spans across all markets, connecting people to information, wherever they need it. For more information, visit

About Esper: Esper is the industry’s most powerful cloud tools for Android device deployment and application management. Our platform and cloud APIs help organizations across industries go beyond traditional mobile device management to Android DevOps with support for rugged devices, kiosks, handhelds, mPoS, and more. Esper’s partnerships with Bluebird, Lenovo, Zebra, and MediaTek are creating waves of change across logistics, transport, and other industries. 

To learn more about Esper and Bluebird for logistics and transportation, visit or connect via LinkedIn