Resilience360 Adds AI Tools to Predict Disruptions and Proactively Manage Supply Chain Risks

Posted Oct 22, 2019

Today Resilience360 announced enhanced AI capabilities for its supply chain risk management platform, paving the way for global organizations to proactively manage supply chain risks. The enhanced AI technology will help Resilience360 analyze millions of risk intelligence data sources and apply the algorithms to one of the foundational modules of the tool, Incident Monitoring. This further enables the analysis of millions of online risk intelligence data sources daily and demonstrates the ability for data scientists to work alongside visibility platforms in order to apply  user behavior learnings,  determine the relevancy of future disruptions and enable future self-learning capabilities of the tool.

"Modern businesses must navigate increasingly complex and volatile supply chains through a larger number of disruptions caused by climate change and trade wars," explains Tobias Larsson, Founder and CEO of Resilience360. "However, thanks to innovative technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms, we are in a position to identify and manage risk like never before. By continuously enhancing the Resilience360platform with additional capabilities, it has grown rapidly over the last couple of years and now has over 13,000 users world-wide.”

Using classification engines and collaborative filtering, Resilience360 is able to apply the algorithms to the Incident Monitoring module which forms the basis of the tool. Global supply chains face a broad range of risks, such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Resilience360 provides businesses with the tools to predict, assess and mitigate the risks of supply chain disruption quickly with near real-time global visibility through the vast DHL network of intelligence.

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