Syncontext Slotting Diagnostic Offer

Posted Mar 29, 2019

15 no-cost and no-obligation slotting diagnostics are being offered in celebration of the most recent major Slotting Pro version release featuring new advanced slotting and machine learning capabilities. These diagnostics are being offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Slotting Pro slotting optimization platform was designed to simplify the complex process of inventory slotting and capacity utilization. Backed by many years of first-hand operational experience, and constantly improved through user feedback, Slotting Pro promises actionable analytics and, most importantly, tangible results.

One of the only cloud-based slot optimization solutions on the market, Slotting Pro is improved and fine-tuned on a quarterly basis, consistently offering new features and customization options to its users. This marks the 4th major release for Slotting Pro.

Typically completed over a 5-week period, slotting diagnostics require a minimal set of operational data and serve to illustrate the current optimization level of an operation's existing inventory and what level of cost avoidance can be expected from the implementation of consistent slot maintenance.

Organizations can take advantage of this offer by visiting or by calling 833-420-2020.

More information on the Slotting Pro slot optimization application can be found at or by following Syncontext Supply Chain on Linkedin.