Curo Releases 2019 Version of Mobile Facilities Management App

January 22, 2019

Atlanta mobile facilities and maintenance management provider Curo announced the 2019 version of its leading application. Curo is designed to identify tasks and streamline work at any workplace with multiple projects, providing crew members with clear expectations, communication and training all within one intuitive application – whether they’re in the office, the four walls of a facility, or out in the field.

Curo’s patented GPS icons show where the work is, and which people, equipment and materials are required. The application lets managers know how work is progressing and verify completion from wherever they are -- allowing them to be virtually onsite 24/7. Video training and checklists make sure crews know how to do the work to meet quality and compliance standards, and managers and crews can do all of their communications without ever leaving the tool.

Curo is designed to run natively on any mobile device, so Curo runs optimally whether the device is  iOS or Android. The app even has offline capability when wireless and mobile data is unavailable.

“We’re consistently working with our customers to help make Curo the most valuable tool in the workplace. Crews regain a full hour of productivity for every single technician, every day and eliminate 2/3 of the time managers spend scheduling  and verifying work,” said Greg White, Chief Executive Officer, Curo. “It's so simple to use that every crew member can verify they’ve done their best work. Curo customers see the gain in productivity, quality and customer satisfaction right away, and it’s a game-changer for their business.”

Atlanta’s NPSG Global uses the Curo application to streamline and complete tasks for regional managers, project managers and technicians in e-fulfillment center installations.

“Our deployment timelines are complex, rapid and time-critical. Curo helps our project managers eliminate the usual chaos and streamline communication with our clients and team throughout the entire project,” said Matt Baker, NPSG Global Director of Operations. “Our entire workforce is connected on the Curo platform, which enables our leaders to be virtually on-site 24/7, know where every project stands, and assure the right people get the right information to do every single task completely and on-time.”

Using the Curo app, NPSG uploads the exact floor plan of the facility for the install, enabling managers to use Curo’s GPS-location technology to ‘drop a pin’ on the spot in the facility where a specific task is required— as well as assign the crew member that should be doing it.

The task is digitally assigned to the person with the skills to do the task, and when they start the job, the crew member has the detailed information to help them complete it, all from the Curo app. If assignees need more support, a how-to video is available, and if they have a question, they can simply ask it right there to the appropriate expert. All the while, managers can track the progress of work as it happens.