Green Electronics Council partners with Sourcemap on next generation of IT sector ecolabel

The Green Electronics Council (GEC) announced a partnership with supply chain mapping and transparency platform, Sourcemap, to modernize the EPEAT Registry, a website used by large-scale purchasers globally to identify credible, cost-effective and innovative IT products. Sourcemap will redesign the EPEAT Registry from the ground-up, improving purchasers’ ability to identify sustainable IT products by specific environmental and social criteria. The major IT brands whose products are featured on the EPEAT Registry will experience a more intuitive interface, making it easier for them to register and market their products that meet EPEAT criteria.

GEC manages EPEAT as part of its mission to foster a world of exclusively sustainable IT. National governments, including the United States, and thousands of private and public institutional purchasers use EPEAT’s independent verification of manufacturers’ claims to inform their sustainable procurement decisions. By combining the full life-cycle criteria of the EPEAT label with Sourcemap’s proven ability to trace supply chains down to raw materials, GEC hopes this partnership will one-day allow EPEAT to verify entire supply chains, including suppliers and sub-components.

“The Green Electronics Council is excited to partner with Sourcemap to develop the next generation of the EPEAT Registry,” announced Nancy Gillis, CEO of Green Electronics Council. “While the IT sector has made significant strides in addressing the environmental and social impacts of their products, there is still room for improvement, particularly within the supply chains of many preferred IT brands. Partnering with Sourcemap allows GEC to better address supply chain impacts and continue to provide large-scale purchasers access to credible sustainable IT products.”

Sourcemap is recognized globally for its depth of expertise in enabling manufacturers and brands to trace end-to-end supply chains, and monitor the social and environmental performance of every link. Prior to EPEAT, Sourcemap built the Higg Index platform for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which is used by more than 200 fashion brands to benchmark social and environmental performance across more than 6,000 supplier factories worldwide.

“Through EPEAT, the Green Electronics Council is driving an entire industry towards sustainability,” said Dr. Leonardo Bonanni, CEO of Sourcemap. “Our team is proud to build the next generation of their work on our platform. Together, we will spark greater transparency, accountability and value in sustainable IT products.”

GEC expects to launch the revised EPEAT Registry in January 2019.

About GEC  

EPEAT is the flagship program of the Green Electronics Council (GEC), whose mission is to achieve a world in which only sustainable IT products are designed, manufactured, and purchased. EPEAT is a comprehensive global ecolabel for IT products. The EPEAT program provides independent verification of manufacturers’ claims and the EPEAT Registry lists sustainable products from a broad range of manufacturers. Designed to help institutional purchasers, EPEAT is used by thousands of private and public institutional purchasers around the world as part of their sustainable procurement activities. For media queries about GEC, please contact Nancy Gillis at [email protected], +1.503.279.9383


About Sourcemap   

Sourcemap is the flexible supply chain transparency platform that helps organizations stay on the cutting edge of social, environmental and economic performance by tracing the source of products. With a simple and beautifully designed map and dashboard interface modeled on today's most popular cloud applications, Sourcemap helps brands, suppliers and industry groups gain insight from end-to-end in the supply chain -- whether that's farm-to-table, raw material to consumer, or between intermediate manufacturing steps.  Visit to learn more.  For media queries about Sourcemap, please contact Daniel Gregory at [email protected], +