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Up to 25% of your parcel shipping costs with UPS and FedEx come from surcharges and accessorial fees, accrued after your packages are shipped.

Are You Ready?

Now is a great time to analyze your shipping habits and re-engage with your parcel carrier – before the holiday season and coming General Rate Increases (GRI) take full effect.

As UPS and FedEx continue to add surcharges and raise rates, is your business prepared for the impact of these parcel shipping cost increases? Are they factored into your total cost of goods?

Where to Start

Developed from more than a decade of experience in parcel shipping data analysis and contract engineering, this parcel contract negotiation handbook equips you with expert tips and tools to ensure you have meaningful conversations with your carrier and receive competitive rates.

In this Guide:

  • Tips and tricks when negotiating with parcel carriers.
  • A Q&A with two parcel intelligence and accountability experts.
  • Case studies illustrating the value of benchmarking for negotiation.