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Natural Disasters

Note from the editor

Whether it's a hurricane, earthquake, blizzard or wildfire, each natural disaster is unique and brings about its own challenges for supply chain managers.

It's next to impossible to prepare fully for these catastrophic events, but careful forecasting and contingency planning can help businesses weather the storm — and equally important, be resilient in its aftermath.

In the trendline below, we explore natural disasters and their effects on risk management in the supply chain. 

Shefali Kapadia Senior Editor

Not if, but when: How supply chains prepare for hurricane season

Timeline: How Hurricane Florence is agitating supply chains

Hurricane Florence, one month later

Lingering effects on supply chains have mostly faded, but billions of dollars in damage remain.

3 ways volcanoes in Hawaii and Guatemala will disrupt supply chains

Lava and volcanic ash from Kilauea and Fuego are wreaking havoc on local farms and infrastructure, but the economic effects are just beginning.

How P&G created a 'ready for anything' supply chain

For the last decade, the CPG giant has been on a mission to use technology to take the guesswork out of disaster response.

In disaster response, health supply chain egos melt away

A speedy post-hurricane return to normal requires competitors to become collaborators to effectively manage inventory and cold chains.

Before disaster strikes, DHL has a 6-step plan

After managing the long tail of recovery from Hurricane Maria, DHL's director of operations for supply chain services in Puerto Rico knows the value of preparing for the worst.

Florida manufacturing at risk this hurricane season