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Executive resume writer

Full Time • Posted Aug. 20

  • Organization: ResumeBros
  • Location: Latham, NY
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Job Description

In order to compete in today's executive employment market, you need a stellar resume and cover letter with executive level gravitas. You worked hard to achieve your current level of success, but to continue your journey to the top (or to stay there), you cannot afford to use a  standardized resume that undersells you. 

Executive Resumes. Guaranteed Results.
At ResumeBros Writing Service, we understand that executive resume writing is a specialized skill. Our writers are credentialed, certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers, and highly experienced in composing exquisite executive job search documents. We specialize in resumes and cover letters for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs),Chief Operations Officers (COOs), Executives, Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs), Finance Executives, Presidents, Sales Executives, Senior Officers, Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents (VPs).

We ensure that you'll work directly with a certified resume writer with extensive experience in developing executive documents.
Our services are priced by the product, not by the hour, so we can discuss your work history at length.
We use customized achievement questionnaires to learn about all of your key accomplishments. 
Generic templates are never followed. Your documents will always be uniquely formatted to best frame your individual history.
Our personal marketing documents will help you to establish your position in the market and gain immediate recognition. 
All of our resume services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Identifying Executive Achievement

At ResumeBros Writing Service, we know how to best market your executive achievements. We will help you identify, quantify, and effectively advertise your most impressive accomplishments, promoting the improvements you made to net profit, productivity, and organizational policy. You will get full credit for the cost-saving devices you implemented, the facility expansions you directed,  the restructuring efforts you successfully completed, or the exceptional workforce leadership you provided. Wether you are a Chief Executive Officer, C-level executive, corporate VP / President, business owner, or entrepreneur, we can develop an amazing resume that clarifies, quantifies, and promotes your remarkable background.

The competition is incredibly fierce at the executive level, and you need every possible advantage to get the executive position you want with the salary you deserve. For senior management positions, employers spend an average of 15 seconds to scrutinize each of the hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes they receive for each coveted role. The slightest imperfection, inconsistency, or error will send your documents straight into the garbage can. A rote, run-of-the-mill resume will be rejected during the second review. When the competition is this strong, you need a professional writer to help ensure that your resume stays on the top of the pile, where it belongs.


English native speaker

No plagiarism

Resume writing experience 2+ years