More than ever, consumers want to understand their food's journey. In fact, 84% of shoppers consider the impact of how and where food was produced when making a purchase. 

Blockchain is enabling food producers to differentiate their brand and engage consumers at the time of decision-making. This technology offers a shared record of data kept by a network of individual computers rather than a single party. Customers can scan a QR barcode on a piece of produce with their phone, for instance, and find out the date of harvest, location of cultivation, when it was packed, how long it took to transport and more.

In this webinar, hear from a Blockchain specialist and two companies leveraging the technology to address consumer needs and grow their market. The webinar also highlights:

  • Ways blockchain innovators are transforming the Food industry
  • Practical applications of blockchain
  • Benefits and results of implementing this technology
  • Live demo of blockchain technology use in action