​In light of the global pandemic, 75% of U.S. businesses have experienced supply chain disruptions. This has caused production shutdowns, temporary or permanent business shutdowns, shortfalls, outages, and an increased reliance on an ill-equipped remote workforce.

The ability to manage supply chain uncertainty and risk is more critical than ever. New realities call for greater collaboration and an ability to pivot, while continuously improving skills and processes in sourcing and procurement.  

Scout RFP, a Workday company and Supply Chain Dive invite you to learn more about procurement and supply chain best practices to:

  • Better navigate through change to stay resilient and agile, even during major supply chain disruptions
  • Overcome the challenges of not modernizing their sourcing, contract and supplier management
  • Utilize cloud-based, collaborative sourcing and procurement to manage risk and improve efficiencies
  • Enable their enterprise to retool existing processes and quickly shift and scale to meet both the constraints and opportunities of disruptions