Survey: Logistics careers provide upward mobility, increased financial reward

Dive Brief:

  • DC Velocity's annual salary survey revealed that a whopping 94% of respondents are satisfied with their careers in logistics, while 92% recommend it as a rewarding profession for younger generations.  73% of those surveyed received an increase in compensation in the past year, as well as an increase in management functions.
  • Favorite aspects of the job include "never boring," "changing requirements and new technologies" and "interaction with a variety of other employees." Least favorite include "pressure to reduce costs," "lack of qualified applicants" and "resistance to change."
  • Unsurprisingly, salaries improve with seniority, surpassing six figures after a decade of service. Medical and pharmaceutical logistics positions pay the most at $185,000 on average, particularly in the southern part of the U.S., and continuing education is directly correlated to improved financial condition.

Dive Insight:

Given the dearth of new talent within logistics, surveys and interviews with satisfied procurement and other staff should be shared by recruiters with those looking for an entry into a rewarding career. Talent and career fairs, training programs underwritten by companies in need, organized mentorship opportunities — all can be undertaken by an industry unable to fill open positions.

There's a need to go beyond the usual methods, however. Instead of falling into stereotypical assessments of millennial talent, companies need to reconsider how better to appeal to a generation that will soon be responsible for the industry's challenges. Employing non-traditional channels to promote job openings, such as advertising on social media and offering company access on a more informal basis, or with online video introductions and tours, can yield returns in attracting young talent. 

Adaptation on the part of employers is a necessity if jobs are to be filled by a younger generation. A required strong work ethic is unchanging, but areas of value evolve depending on the age of the potential employee. A company that promotes social awareness, environmental responsibility, and is one a millennial will be proud to brag about, is far more likely to attract new talent than one offering none of the above.

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